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Inbound Marketing is a marketing philosophy that goes against the grain. While most marketing can be accurately compared to swinging a sledgehammer – wildly trying to smash your message into whoever happens to be within reach – Inbound Marketing functions as a magnet. Where ‘outbound’ or ‘traditional’ marketing tries to cover as much ground as possible, hoping to reach ideal customers through a sheer numbers game, Inbound Marketing uses targeted content to attract ideal customers. Instead of chasing after leads, they find you and want to know more. When your business creates helpful content that answers the questions your ideal customers are asking, you become easier to find and an obvious choice to do business with.

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The Outcome Of Inbound

Bard Optical

Bard Optical

Bard Optical is Central Illinois’ leading eye care provider with over 21 locations throughout the state. Bard’s Marketing Director, Jane Scott, worked with OneFire to research, develop and execute a comprehensive inbound marketing plan to increase website traffic, start capturing website leads and nurture those leads into booking eye appointments at their locations.

After 7 Months of Working With OneFire:

increase in monthly website visitors
increase in organic search traffic
brand new customers

OneFire has been instrumental in our efforts to step into digital marketing with confidence. With the support of the their staff, we are successfully growing our [online presence]. OneFire is always available to address any questions or concerns our marketing staff comes across.

Jane ScottDirector of Marketing // Bard Optical

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